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Do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

Scheduled appointments give you uninterrupted private time to discuss your dress desires, allowing our consultants to give you the best possible service. The allocated time also gives you the best opportunity to share with your consultant important information (such as the particulars of the wedding day and your dress budget) and enough time to assess what styles best compliment your body shape and what colours are the most flattering against your skin. Thereafter, your consultant will be well equipped to show you a range of gorgeous gowns that will suit you best. Thus, an appointment ensures that you receive maximum benefit from your visit to the boutique.

As we understand that brides lead busy lives, appointments are scheduled to suit your lifestyle. After-hours and weekend appointments are available on request.

Are appointments free?

We offer brides up to three complimentary private viewings with their very own experienced bridal consultant and allocate a generous time frame. The first and second appointments are complimentary. Your third visit is also complimentary if an order is placed. If not, a small consulting fee may apply; however, upon returning for a fourth visit (and placing an order), the fee is refunded.

Can I bring my children to the appointment?

We love children; however, we all know that children hate shopping! Unfortunately, White House Bridal Boutique does not have a play area suitable for children to amuse themselves. As there are lots of clean mirrors, glass, white walls and racks of expensive white dresses, the Boutique is not an ideal environment for children. We also find that children love to entertain themselves in amongst and under the dresses, which is not acceptable. Please note that no food or drink is allowed inside the Boutique. All damages, dry-cleaning or cleaning will be for your account. Therefore, we strongly recommend that if children do attend the appointment, they be well supervised by another adult.

How many people can I bring to my appointment?

We suggest that you bring a maximum of two people with you to your appointment (whose opinion you value and respect – maybe mum and a friend). A smaller group allows you to find the gown that best suits you, without the confusion of too many conflicting opinions, which can become overwhelming and confusing.

Can we bring a bottle of Champagne to celebrate?

Yes, we have an area at the front of the boutique (away from the beautiful dresses) in which you are welcome to enjoy the moment with family and/or friends. However, please ensure that you arrive earlier than your appointment time as we will still need to begin your appointment on schedule. In addition, consider informing us in advance so that we can have your Champagne glasses ready.

How long in advance should I look for my wedding gown?

Custom-Order Gowns

We would suggest that you begin your search about eight months before your big day. For custom-ordered gowns, most designers require notice of four months; thus, finding your dress eight months before your wedding allows for a comfortable time frame. Such leeway also allows for any further customising to ensure that the gown fits you perfectly. If time is of the essence, most bridal gown designers will accommodate a slightly tighter time frame.

Available Now Gowns

If you prefer to purchase your gown on the day that you visit, we also carry a generous range of dresses available for you to take home immediately.

Can the style of the gowns be changed?

At White House Bridal Boutique, we will assist you in making changes to any gown to suit your individual needs. While some designers will tailor the gowns to suit your requirements, some gowns are made to specific patterns, which may not allow for alterations. In spite of this, your consultant will assist you to achieve your dream look by suggesting various possibilities to customise your gown to match your personality.